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The cover fabrics

The attention to detail sets us apart. Also our fabrics are selected to provide the end user a wide range of products to meet in a total way all the different requirements.
Technical and natural fabrics of high standard for a proposal absolutely complete.

Silk fabric

Precious and luxurious silk fabric, gives the mattress an unique sheen and a soft feel to the touch. It ’s a resistant and compact coating, It has an important thermoregulatory action and is highly breathable.

Ecoshield® fabric

Innovative anti-mite and breathable fabric that comes from the application of biotechnology as a natural insect repellent, thus guaranteeing better quality of sleep. The active treatment is Ecoshield® vegetable oil-based, which gives a characteristic perfume of geranium, completely harmless to humans and the environment, and it is effective against mosquitoes.

Clima fabric

Innovative fabric with active thermoregulation able to absorb the heat in excess product from the body and release it gradually, thus maintaining constant the microclimate of the bed in every season. It’s a breathable fabric that can remove moisture produced by the body, it is hypoallergenic and antibacterial, very durable and soft to the touch.

Stain Repellent fabric

Innovative anti-mite fabric with anti-stain treatment for excellent protection. It’s a soft fabric and, at the same time, resistant and breathable.

Cashmere fabric

Natural fabric, breathable, durable, absolutely fine with a touch incredibly soft and comfortable.

Teflon fabric

Fabric with antibacterial and antifungal Sanitized treatment and the stain resistant protection Teflon Dupont. It protects from stains that enable rapid removal.

Velour fabric

Prestigious natural fabric, breathable and soft to the touch. It’s also very durable and comfortable.

Actigard fabric

Antibacterial, anti-mite fabric that completely prevents the proliferation of mites. It does not cause skin irritation or allergic reaction to the contact and it is resistant in time.

Silverfresh fabric

Exceptional tissue anti stress, anti-allergenic, anti-mite and anti-bacterial.
Keeps a dry microclimate favoring the elimination of moisture produced by the body and it is able to eliminate electrostatic charges. Resistant soft touch and comfortable.

Air Stretch fabric

Soft and breathable fabric, hypoallergenic and antibacterial. Washable at 40°.

Amicor™ Pure fabric

Antibacterial, antifungal and anti-mite fabric. Clinically tested does not develop mold, it does not contain any additives harmful to humans and the environment
and it prevents completely the proliferation of mites. It does not cause irritation to the skin or allergic reaction to contact and it is resistant to washing machine.

Aloe Vera fabric

Cotton fabric with aloe vera treatment.
It is a very durable fabric with a soft touch.

Amicor Elast fabric

Excellent fabric anti mite, anti-bacterial and anti-odor.
The special composition and high weight make it the ideal coating for mattresses in Memory Form, emphasizing the ergonomic qualities.

Cotton fabric

Fine fabric of vegetal origin with the soft and fresh touch.