Biosleep® Motion

The Biosleep® Motion model is a technological and natural product par excellence.
Allows a series of movement of the different sections of the Biosleep, electrically controlled: thanks to the different positions that can be obtained, the customization of the rest is really complete. The ergonomic support is ensured by the 38 x 8 mm slatted beech plywood evaporated and hot bent. The air supports of the slats are made of rubber and guarantee a high flexibility to the system.

In the lumbar area, the net is equipped with rigidity regulators and is offered with a standard mattress stop. The structure, entirely made of beech plywood, has a section of 70 x 25 mm. The Biosleep® Motion slatted base is equipped with an engine with extra battery for emergency lowering and an infrared remote control is available as an option.

The wooden feet are available in standard sizes: 30/35/40 cm mesh top.

technical sheet