Earth® Medium Fisso


Stain Repellent fabric
Teflon Dupont® Fabric

Mattress with highly ergonomic support, offers differentiated lift to 7 Earth Line® zones and a patented anti-stain protection. Fixed and with 3 D breathable band, it has air-conditioned padding and is bacteriostatic, since it does not allow the formation of bacteria.

It is proposed with Plus support, with stronger support, or Comfort, with a more welcoming touch.

Mattress height : About 19 cm in the center.
technical sheet

Inner core

Pure double convex breathable latex foam with differentiated density and 7 high density zones, 16 cm thick.

Lift Plus or Comfort load capacity.


Fixed in anti-bacterial fabric with Stain Repellent stain-resistant treatment and 3 D breathable or fabric band with antibacterial and anti-fungal treatment asota® AM Sanitized® and Teflon Dupont® stain protection.


Double thickness, in white cotton on the summer side and white wool on the winter side.