Energyball Anallergico


Clean & Fresh fabric
Amicor-Silverfresh fabric
37.5 fabric

Perfectly balanced mattress thanks to 130 independent support points that adapt perfectly to the shape of the body, following the pressure points.

Mattress height : About 26 cm in the center.
technical sheet

Inner core

Slab composed of not deformable EnergyTouch® shaped both in the upper part and in the lower part and by a central layer of high-density foam spheres that favor body movements.

The quality of the foams used and the special shaping ensure a solid support and a high transpiration favored by the formation of wide air channels inside the mattress.


Removable cover in fine antistatic Silverfresh fabric, with thermoregulating and anti-stress action, with a soft and comfortable touch with anti-bacterial, anti-mite, anti-odor, anti-fungal treatment of the highest quality AmicorTmPure or fabric 37.5 composed of natural particles that capture and release the steam and skin help maintain a comfortable personal microclimate or in Clean & Fresh fabric, antibacterial, antistatic and antimicrobial.
60° water washable cover.


Triple thickness, in breathable and exclusive MultiFiberPlus® hypoallergenic fiber or 37.5 fabric padding certified for the fabric 37.5.