Topper with self-modeling memory foam interior

The covers of the topper with an internal self-modeling Memory Form are removable with a zip and have the padding on the side of use.
In the air-conditioned versions the Customer can choose, according to his needs, the winter or summer padding.
Topper can be applied using 4 rubber bands placed at the corners of the lower edges.
Memory Form’s internal solid is contained in an additional fixed cover in 100% cotton jersey.
Kapok (KA), Cachemire (CA), Organic Cotton (CB) and Stein Repellent (SR) coatings are dry cleanable.
The Silverfresh/AmicorTmPure (AM), 37.5 (375) and Clean & Fresh (CF) coatings are water washable at 60 ° without spinning.

H 7 cm.

technical sheet