About us

Tradition and innovation Made in Italy


Somn® is a firm of Meda (MB) and operates in the production of mattresses, beds, bedsteads and accessories of the highest quality, exclusively made ​​in Italy. It is a careful reality to the evolutions in the market and is able to develop innovative ideas and technically and qualitatively advanced. The long experience in the field also allows to combine tradition and innovation.

Products working is cured in a traditional way, offering maximum guarantees of quality and durability.

The attention to finishes and the choice of noble materials attributed to product lines the ability to ensure the physical and mental health to regenerate during the night and then live better days; here comes a culture of rest that respects people and nature, who believes in sleep as one of the most important aspects of our lives, and it is this philosophy that drives the activity Somn® sleep research. The selection and testing of each component used ensures a quality that lasts.

The range of products is extremely comprehensive, sensitive to the changing needs of the market and includes mattress with independent springs, orthopedic, latex, latex and coconut, in memory form, a wide range of bedsteads, beds and accessories.


Attention to detail distinguishes the Somn® production and the variety of fabrics used for covering mattresses is the proof; more than 15 different types of characteristics and composition, the most innovative hollow fiber thermo-regulating, the antibacterial and hypoallergenic fabric, the natural fabric (for example cashmere, silk and cotton). All materials used are certified and environmentally has also been approved by the Chamber of Commerce of Monza and Brianza, the use of the new logo Made in Brianza as synonymous with prestige and absolute quality. Flexibility and personalization in the creation, producing, for example, mattresses for yachts, speed of execution, speed of delivery and availability of all staff also complete company profile and services offered.

Is also important to the line contract Luxhotels®, in which it is essential to the synthesis of two realities, on the one hand, the guarantee of characteristics as comfort, robustness, the quality orthopedic and, secondly, the compliance with the highest standards of security fireproof, which is why the product range Luxhotels® -mattresses, accessories and fireproof-sommiers have obtained ministerial approval in class 1 IM and are able to satisfy even the most demanding customer.