Our vision


We believe this: the day begins not just get up, but with the rest of the night.

This leads to a culture of rest that respects people and nature; who believes in her sleep as one of the most important aspects of our lives.

Every individual has a mental and physical balance that must be preserved.

Everyone has a bed, a mattress and a pillow ideal waiting for him somewhere. Ideal because they help to rediscover the pleasure of true rest, which gives energy, well-being and the right setting for the whole day.

So sleep becomes a culture.


What is sleep?


Sleep is defined as a natural periodic state of rest, the opposite of wakefulness, during which there is a loss of consciousness and reduction or partial suspension of central nervous functions and decreased organic functions such as respiration, circulation and metabolism.

When we sleep, a series of physical processes occur which slow down all mental and motor activity, allowing the entire organism to rest.

Sleep and rest are essential for a good quality of life. Sleep is vital to our organism, for the health of our immune system, general health and growth.

Sleep is as important for our body as eating or drinking, and lack of sleep can cause physiological and psychological harm to our organism.

Chronic lack of rest produces negative effects on concentration, decision-making ability and efficiency and reduces the body’s natural defences. The effects of lack of sleep are obvious – bags under the eyes, anxiety, irritability, moodiness and tiredness.

We spend about a third of our life sleeping. However, sleeping a lot of hours does not necessarily mean being rested as sleep is often disturbed by a series of events and problems that mean it is not restorative.

The high incidence of sleep disorders has led physicians, psychiatrists and psychologists to carry out to studies, research and work by understand, identify and, if possible, resolve and find a cure for them.

Environmental and social factors also influence sleep – living and sleeping in an inhospitable or disagreeable place diminishes the quality and quantity of sleep.