The padding

They are used exclusive and very precious natural and technical fillings, which are an essential element for exceptional comfort ensuring a lift wrap, thanks to their natural softness.


Cashmere is able to receive the body in all its luxurious softness. It has always been famous for its quality and for the heat it produces; also it has a temperature-regulating function which helps to obtain a the highest level of well-being.


The wool gives the mattress a pleasant softness and warmth to the touch.
It has an important thermoregulatory function thanks to its hygroscopic properties that make the dry microclimate during the winter season.


The linen, with its fine natural freshness, is the most suitable padding for the summer side as it is able to absorb the moisture generated from the body, thus ensuring an ideal microclimate.


Cotton is a vegetable fiber textile by the soft touch, durable and breathable.


The exclusive breathable padding allows MultiFiberPlus® to obtain a unique level of comfort due to the high basis weight that increases the wrapping effect of the mattress. It is an anallergic polyester fiber with triple thickness that, thanks to its particular structure, it is able to facilitate the absorption of the moisture produced by the body during the night.


Fiber used by the tail and the mane of the horse which, thanks to a special processing, becomes elastic and resistant over time, ensuring the natural transpiration of the hot air generated by body fluids and the surrounding environment.