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The line with exceptional comfort, created for the prevention of classic spinal disorders and general posture disorders.

Each spring is covered in Fibertex to be independent of the others and work proportionally to the pressure exerted on it, thus creating a mattress that can be customized for each type of user, also thanks to the 7 differentiated lift areas of the spring system.

The weight is thus distributed optimally over the entire surface of the mattress, which supports every physiological curve by gently supporting the body.

This line takes advantage of the exclusive Somn® Box System: an innovative structure in non-deformable EnergyTouch® high-density expanded polyurethane, encloses the springing on six sides to guarantee a high level of quality and durability, thanks to the remarkable solidity of the materials.

Suspension conforming to Italian UNI and German DIN standards.

Each coated spring is certified to ISO 9002 quality.

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The inner core