Healthy sleep

Sleep quality


Good, healthy sleep begins with right type of bed configuration: it is the quality rather than the quantity of sleep that is decisive for a person’s health.

Somn® sleep culture teaches us that a good day has its beginning with a good night’s sleep.

The choice of mattress, base and accessories is fundamental to achieving this result, which our body deserves every day. The orthopedic quality of Somn® products ensures that every individual’s spinal column maintains its correct natural alignment during sleep.


How to choose the right bed configuration:


1. the mattress should be neither too soft nor too firm, but “cradle us in a gentle embrace” and so must accommodate the natural shape of the spinal column as much as possible, supporting it in the points of greatest pressure (shoulder and lumbar areas);

2. an unsuitable choice may give rise to discomfort and even spinal problems;

3. the bed base, whether multilayer beech slats or a box spring, must provide an even base to optimize the mattress performance;

4. the pillow, which is the most personal choice in the bed configuration, should accommodate the natural shape of the neck and support the head correctly;

5. remember to replace the mattress every 10 years because wear means it will not be able to guarantee optimal performance. (According to a study carried out by the University of Montpellier, replacing an old mattress with a new one can mean regaining 53 minutes sleep every night).

The Somn® study centre has identified the body weight/height/firmness ratio as the key to best achieving a high standard of quality.

To choose the right combination, several products should be tested as comfort is closely tied to an individual’s physical traits, and a greater body weight should, in general, steer the choice towards a greater weight-bearing capacity.