The cores

Memory Form

The Memory Form is a latest generation material produced respecting man and environment.
It's a deformable viscoelastic foam, expanded to water and CFC-free and, due to its slow return, reduces the maximum pressure points and allows to distribute the body’s weight over the entire surface; It is able, therefore, to ensure maximum comfort increasing the enveloping effect of the mattress.
It's a material capable of self mold itself, in fact, with the warmth of the body and to improve the breathability, thanks to its open cellular structure, favoring the elimination moisture produced by each.


The exclusive material EnergyTouch® born from the research of the center studies Somn® for to increase the comfort level of its products; is, in fact, a water-based polyurethane foam of last generation that is able, thanks to its particular composition, open cell, to mold in proportion to the body weight of each with a system for accommodating progressive which increases the enveloping effect and allows, therefore, to maintain a correct position of the spine during sleep.


The latex used is mainly produced by Latexco®, one of the leading producer of plates and high quality components. It's a material with open cell and thus contains millions of tiny air bubbles intercommunicating.
It is, for this reason, a product very durable and able to ensure maximum transpiration and helps to dissipate the humidity generated by the body during the night.
Also important quality fungicidal and bactericidal, is anti mite, hypoallergenic, and ensures a high level of hygiene. Another important characteristic of latex is that of being very elastic and this allows correct distribution of masses, also assured by the 7 areas of different capacity, resulting in an excellent degree of comfort.


The springs used are rigorously Made in Italy, they are compliant with the German DIN and Italian UNI and are certified to ISO 9002.
They are carefully selected and are regularly tested to ensure the end user more and better durability.
Possible variants are independent pocket coils with 7 differentiated weight-bearing zones (1600 or 830 in the double version) for perfect weight distribution over the entire surface of the mattress, thus ensuring outstanding comfort; 630 Bonnel Compact High Density springs (in the double version) for an orthopedic support more firm and, at the same time, enveloping; 400 Bonnel springs (in the double version) for an orthopedic mattress comfort with anatomical lift.