Our line of “natural” mattresses in pure latex foam, without springs.

The quality of Earth® Line is born precisely from the use of bialveolate latex foam that ensures extraordinary comfort: differentiated carrying capacity in 7 zones. The body, supported proportionally to its weight, thus maintains its optimal position.

The latex foam has a natural elasticity and a degree of resilience that ensure an exceptional inalterability, while the alveolar structure and the open cell structure intrinsic to the material favor air circulation and breathability of the mattress.

Latex is a hypoallergenic product by nature. Latex foam compliant with European standards and Eurolatex certified.

Our slabs have also obtained the certification that they do not contain substances that are harmful to humans and the environment, both during manufacture and during use. They are available in two capacities: Plus, with stronger support, or Comfort, with a more welcoming touch.

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