Aloe Vera fabric
Air Stretch Silver fabric
Air Stretch Silver fabric

Model with Air Stretch Silver cover
Removable anatomic lift model with hypoallergenic fiber padding on both sides and upholstery in hypoallergenic fabric.
It is a high quality product with which you get an absolute personalization of the rest and a safe sleep. The outer cover is washable in water at 40°.

Model with Aloe Vera cover
Ergonomic model equipped with air-conditioned padding and hypoallergenic on both sides upon request.
Melodi® ensures a comfortable rest since it maintains a lift with controlled rigidity. It is coated with Aloe Vera fabric which guarantees excellent sleep quality.

Mattress height : About 22 cm in the center.
technical sheet

Inner core

In the double version, 830 independent springs with 7 differentiated bearing zones, with steel wire with a diameter of 1.8 and 2.0 mm.

High quality, heat fixed and sound absorbent felt on both sides.

Box System with innovative non-deformable EnergyTouch® polyurethane foam, CFC free, and anti-sinking perimeter strips.

In the special version, a slab of memory is added on one side to make the mattress more enveloping.


In the removable version in Air Stretch Silver hypoallergenic fabric. Washable in water at 40°.

In the fixed version in cotton fabric with Aloe vera treatment or alternatively with Air Stretch Silver fabric.


In the removable version in hypoallergenic fibers on both sides.
In the fixed version in white cotton in the summer side and in hypoallergenic fibers in the winter side. While hypoallergenic fibers in both sides with Air Stretch Silver fabric.