Sleep Creation® Anallergico


Amicor-Silverfresh fabric

Model born from the idea of offering the final consumer the maximum comfort with the use of luxurious natural materials with absolute technical content. It is proposed with three types of interiors, the first with 1,600 independent springs with 7 different zones, for a personalized control of the distribution of the masses, the second with the classic 830 spring independent springs and the third solution provides for the HD springing. To complete the mattress are applied, by means of hinges on the four sides, which allow a practical and quick interchangeability, 2 Topper in the Double version, or alternatively 1 Topper in the Single version.

The application of the 3 D breathable, full height band guarantees, together with the 3 D fabric inserted between the Topper and the supporting structure, an exceptional air circulation. The coating is in a fine antistatic Amicor-Silverfresh fabric, with a thermoregulating, anti-stress and anallergic action, with a soft and comfortable touch. The applied topper are, in the Double version, in pure breathable latex foam on one side and, on the other, in a self-modeling Memory Form, with which a highly performing top and a perfect balance of the spine is obtained. The padding is, for both sides, triple thickness in exclusive and breathable MultiFiberPlus® hypoallergenic fiber, able to accommodate the body increasing the enveloping effect and ensuring a hygienically protected rest. In the Single version, the Topper can be chosen by the end user according to his needs and tastes.

Mattress height : About 30 cm in the center for Double version, about 26 cm in the center for Single version.
technical sheet

Inner core

In the double version, 1,600 independent springs with 7 differentiated lift zones with steel wire of diameter 1.1 and 1.2 mm (alternatively 830 independent springs 7 zones or HD suspension).

High quality felt, thermoset and sound absorbing on both sides. Box System with innovative Energytouch® non-deformable polyurethane foam, CFC free, and anti-sinking perimeter bands.

Headband and lining of the central core in 3-D breathable fabric for exceptional breathability.


Fixed in fine antistatic Silverfresh fabric, with thermoregulating and anti-stress action, with a soft and comfortable touch with anti-bacterial, anti-mite, anti-odor, anti-fungal treatment of the highest quality AmicorTmPure.


Triple thickness, in breathable and exclusive MultiFiberPlus® hypoallergenic fiber on both sides.

Topper System

For the Double version, the Sleep Creation® Anallergic model is proposed with the two high thickness Topper in anti-shaping Memory Form and MultiFiberPlus® padding, both applied by hinges on the four sides, which allow a practical and quick interchangeability.

For the Single version, the Sleep Creation® model is available with only one topper, high thickness, in two different combinations, at the choice of the end user.