Amour® Sfoderabile Climatizzato


Organic Cotton fabric
Kapok fabric
Cashmere fabric

High technical content in the Amour® model, a combination of the qualities of the Free & Blind Spring system and the application of a sheet of pure breathable latex foam that allows the mattress to adapt naturally to the individual physiology, with a personalized control of the distribution of the masses.

It is proposed with a soft and luxurious Cashmere fabric covering, in natural and soft Kapok fabric or alternatively in precious and breathable organic Cotton.

Mattress height : About 25 cm in the center.
technical sheet

Inner core

In the double version, 830 independent springs with 7 differentiated bearing zones, with steel wire with a diameter of 1.8 and 2.0 mm (alternatively HD suspension). High quality, heat fixed and sound absorbent felt on both sides.

Box System with innovative non-deformable EnergyTouch® polyurethane foam, CFC free, and anti-sinking perimeter strips.

Pure breathable latex foam sheet on both sides.


Removable in soft and luxurious Cashmere fabric, in natural and soft Kapok fabric or alternatively.


Triple thickness, in fresh white linen in the summer side and in precious cashmere in the winter side.