Natural Cotton fabric

Model that was created to guarantee perfect comfort, thanks to the use of luxurious and noble raw materials, combined with the use of independent springs with progressive lift respecting the best sleeping culture.

The mattress consists of two bodies, joined by a hinge that can also be used individually, depending on the user’s needs. For better absorption of the moisture produced by the body and the surrounding environment, a layer of animal hair is spread by hand on the surface of each side. The comfort and breathability of the product are regulated by the use of noble padding such as white linen, cashmere and animal hair, spread evenly by hand.

The production is 100% handmade.

Mattress height : About 45 cm in the center.
technical sheet

Inner core

Designed to guarantee the best sleep quality, it sees the union of two internal cores with both independent springs, the first SuperMicro and the second composed of MiniPocketMicro carpets.

The springs are covered with anti-noise and ecological fabric, inserted in the Box System with innovative CFC-free, non-deformable EnergyTouch® polyurethane foam and anti-sinking perimeter strips.


Fixed in precious fabric Cotton, very soft to the touch, naturally breathable, resistant and compact.


Precious animal hair that boasts characteristics such as breathability and moisture absorption, combined triple thickness, in fresh white linen on the summer side and in fine cashmere on the winter side.