Mini h. 8/10


Cotton fabric

Compact, practical, essential, the Mini mattress is suitable for all occasions.

Designed as an ideal complement to the second pull-out bed, it is proposed in two heights: approximately 8/10 cm, with an internal polyurethane foam core undeformable EnergyTouch®, CFC free, and about 12/14 cm, with orthopedic spring core.

The dimensions reduced do not compromise the consolidated orthopedic qualities and our usual comfort.

Mattress height : Mini: about 10 cm in the center. Minisuper: about 14 cm in the center.
technical sheet

Inner core

In the double version, 400 Bonnel Springs, with 2.2 mm diameter steel wire. Felt high quality, heat sealed and sound absorbing on both sides.

Box System with innovative non-deformable EnergyTouch® polyurethane foam, CFC free, and anti-sinking perimeter strips.


In the fixed version in cotton.


Hypoallergenic fibers on both sides.