Biotree® Top Elegance

Model with manual control movement of the Biotree® Top slatted base.
The structure, entirely made of beech plywood, has a section of 70 x 25 mm.
It is offered with 38 x 8 mm bent beech plywood slats and flexible with non-slip surface. For greater adherence of the mattress are also present at the ends of the slatted base two shaped slats 75 x 8 mm in bent and flexible beech plywood with non-slip surface.

The supports of the slats are made of Hytrel, the latest generation material of the highest quality able to ensure high elasticity, and have two different degrees of stiffness and there are, in the shoulder area, mushroom suspensions with three different degrees of stiffness.

In the lumbar area, moreover, the net is equipped with stiffness sliders to be able to adjust the floor according to the different weight loads, ensuring the most complete personalization of the posture during sleep. The wooden feet are available in standard sizes: 30/35/40 cm mesh top.

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