Athletic Anallergico


Amicor-Silverfresh fabric
37.5 fabric
Clean & Fresh fabric

Mattress composed of memory, latex and springs.

The combination of these raw materials favors the creation of a product with beneficial comfort thanks to the ergonomics of the memory, the support of the springs and the freshness of latex in a single support.

Mattress height : About 26 cm in the center.
technical sheet

Inner core

The innovative solution of a product that is characterized by the presence of a bottom entirely made with microsprings that ensure an excellent ability to adapt to pressure points. It is therefore possible to use the mattress also on this side of support, in addition to the one in memory with independent and massaging pads on the opposite side.

The intermediate layer consists of Talalay latex with extraordinary properties of elasticity, transpiration and resistance to use. The entire structure rests on a transpiring and technologically advanced solid, shaped to accommodate a micromolle insert that enhances its flexibility in the basin area.


Removable cover in fine antistatic Silverfresh fabric, with thermoregulating and anti-stress action, with a soft and comfortable touch with anti-bacterial, anti-mite, anti-odor, anti-fungal treatment of the highest quality AmicorTmPure or fabric 37.5 composed of natural particles that capture and release the steam and skin help maintain a comfortable personal microclimate or in Clean & Fresh fabric, antibacterial, antistatic and antimicrobial. 60° water washable cover.


Triple thickness, in breathable and exclusive MultiFiberPlus® hypoallergenic fiber or 37.5 fabric padding certified for the fabric 37.5.