Energyball Climatizzato


Organic Cotton fabric
Kapok fabric
Cashmere fabric

Perfectly balanced mattress thanks to 130 independent support points that adapt perfectly to the shape of the body, following the pressure points.

Mattress height : About 26 cm in the center.
technical sheet

Inner core

Slab composed of not deformable EnergyTouch® shaped both in the upper part and in the lower part and by a central layer of high-density foam spheres that favor body movements.

The quality of the foams used and the special shaping ensure a solid support and a high transpiration favored by the formation of wide air channels inside the mattress.


Removable in soft and luxurious Cashmere fabric, in natural and soft Kapok fabric or alternatively in precious and breathable organic Cotton.
The cover is dry cleanable.


Triple thickness, in fresh white linen in the summer side and in precious cashmere in the winter side.