37.5 fabric

Mattress with a special shape that works by subtraction, this system allows the unloading of weight on independent spherical elements contained in the empty spaces, obtained inside the solid wood. An innovative solution that gives the body a suspension effect like the best spring systems, with all the lightness of the foam composition.

The lower arch shaped shaping and the upper layer dug in high density foam enhance the flexibility and acceptance of the entire composition.

Mattress height : About 26 cm in the center.
technical sheet

Inner core

Slab composed of EnergyTouch® indeformable shaped with the presence of Memory Form in the upper part.


Removable cover in 37.5 fabric composed of natural particles that capture and release steam from the skin and help maintain a comfortable personal microclimate.

60° water washable cover.


Triple thickness, in breathable 37.5 certified padding.